Transport Roulette: London

A game of chance

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Please note, long walking distances will result in longer loading times.

Transport Roulette is to be played within the Oysterzone. i.e. wherever the Oystercard is valid. This area is sometimes defined by the London Rail Connections map.

The aim of the game is simple: to take a journey through Greater London based completely on chance. There are no winners or losers in Transport Roulette (that is unless you end up in Penge…), this is a game purely designed on helping you explore the city. It can be played solo or with any number of friends.

The game is played out over several Rounds using die to randomly determine all aspects of your travel including mode of transport, direction and distance. For example, a Round may instruct you to travel 5 stops North on the Bakerloo line or take the DLR towards Beckton for 3 stops.

Hopefully the die will take you further and further from your starting point, but don’t be surprised if you end up going round in circles or even doubling back on yourself – remember this is a game of chance after all!

Choose your starting point. This could be literally anywhere in London you like, but it’s recommended to start near a tube, rail station or at the very least a bus stop in Zone 1. This will make your first round a lot easier.

Choose your maximum walking distance. The reason for this will become very apparent soon. This is the maximum distance you are willing to walk to any mode of transport. It can be as long as you like, but we recommend half a kilometer.

If a line is closed because of engineering works, discount any modes of transports, lines or routes that are no longer available at this location. Do not worry about getting replacement buses. If a service is disrupted, you may opt to terminate the round early.

This is based on Andy Carter’s Transport Roulette

Max walking distance (km):  (Maximum: 4.5)

Number of rounds: